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March 19, 2009, 11:28 pm
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Rachel L. Akeson, Ph.D.
Research Scientist
Michelson Science Center
Infrared Processing and Analysis Center
California Institute of Technology
Pasadena, California, USA.

Research Interests & Current Projects

Optical and Infrared Interferometry

I am the Michelson Science Center (MSC) Project Scientist and the Keck Interferometer Project Scientist. The MSC provides the science data center for several current and planned interferometry instruments including: the Keck Interferometer , the Space Interferometry Mission (SIM) and testbeds.  The sites listed contain information on these projects as well as basic descriptions of the principles of optical interferometry.

I also use infrared interferometers in the study of young stellar objects.  

  • R. L. Akeson, W.K.M. Rice, A.F. Boden, A.I. Sargent, J.M. Carpenter, G. Bryden The circumbinary disk of HD 98800 B: Evidence for disk warping to appear in the Astrophysical Journal, ApJ, 670, 1240
  • R.L. Akeson, A.F. Boden, J.D. Monnier, R. Millan-Gabet, C. Beichman, J. Beletic, N. Calvet, L. Hartmann, L. Hillenbrand, C. Koresko, A. Sargent, and A. Tannirkulam, 2005, Keck Interferometer observations of classical and weak line T Tauri stars ApJ, 635, 1173
  • R. L. Akeson, C. H. Walker, K. Wood, J. A. Eisner, E. Scire, B. Penprase, D. R. Ciardi, G. T. van Belle, B. Whitney, and J. E. Bjorkman, Observations and Modeling of the Inner Disk Region of T Tauri Stars ApJ 622 440
  • Colavita, M., Akeson, R., Wizinowich, P., Shao, M. et al. Observations of DG Tauri with the Keck Interferometer, 2003,  ApJL, 592 L83
  • R.L. Akeson, D.R. Ciardi, G.T. van Belle, and M.J. Creech-Eakman Constraints on circumstellar disk parameters from multi-wavelength observations: T Tau and SU Aur., 2002,  ApJ, 566 1124
  • R.L. Akeson, D.R. Ciardi, G.T. van Belle, M.J. Creech-Eakman and E.A. Lada Infrared Interferometric Observations of Young Stellar Objects, 2000,  ApJ 543 313 

Millimeter interferometry

High Resolution Millimeter Imaging of Pre-Main Sequence Sources

  • E.L.N. Jensen and R.L. Akeson, Protoplanetary Disk Mass Distribution in Young Binaries, 2003, ApJ 584 875
  • R.L. Akeson, D.W. Koerner, and E.L.N. Jensen. A circumstellar dust disk around T Tau N: Sub-arcsecond imaging at lambda = 3mm, 1998, ApJ 505, 358 

Millimeter Interferometric Polarization

This project involved the installation of adjustable polarizers on the Owens Valley Radio Observatory millimeter array. Used as quarter-wave plates, these polarizers can measured the linearly polarized emission at 3 mm. My primary interest is in observations of linear polarized emission from magnetically aligned dust grains in the envelopes of young stellar objects. Current work on the project includes expanding the polarization capability to 1mm.

  • Weintraub, D., Goodman, A., and Akeson, R, 1999,  Polarized  Light from Star Forming Regions, Protostars and Planets IV 
  • R.L. Akeson, J.E. Carlstrom, J.A. Phillips, and D.P. Woody. Millimeter Interferometric Imaging of the Young Stellar Object NGC 1333/IRAS 4A, 1996, ApJL, 456, 45.
  • R.L. Akeson and J.E. Carlstrom, Magnetic Field Structure in Protostellar Envelopes, 1997, ApJ, 491, 254 .

Ultracompact HII Regions

  • R.L. Akeson and J.E. Carlstrom, Lifetimes of Ultracompact HII Regions: High-Resolution Methyl Cyanide Observations, 1996, ApJ, 470, 528.




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